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Hunting and the love thereof, is sometimes hard to explain. As any professional hunter will tell you, we are all in awe of and sometimes even perplexed by the beauty, majesty and wonder of nature.

A professional hunter will find himself sitting on a ridge in the African Bush and just become still in witnessing the magnificence of all that Mother Nature has to offer. What is difficult to explain is that the same person will then lift up his rifle and go hunting. It is a passion we are born with, a goal we feel we have to achieve. We do admire, love and respect all that is creation. We are deeply aware of all the complexities of nature and want to do nothing to disturb or negatively affect our exquisite world. A professional hunter wishes to contribute to all that is precious around him, for the very sake of nature.

Hunting will never be about us, the professional hunters. Hunting in a responsible, sustainable and legal manner is our salute t othe very creatures we hunt. The hunt is taken on as equals. There are no alternates used or timesaving methods being applied. It is man in nature, respectfully tracking down his conquest.


Jagd Gebiete & Unterkunft

Wir wohnen in Hartebeestpoort, North West Provinz, aber wir haben Jagdgelegenheit in ganz Südafrika, so daß wir unseren Kunden, je nach Wünschen, eine Vielfalt von Jagdmöglichkeiten bieten können.

1. Gauteng - in der Nähe von Pretoria
2. Northern Cape - in der Nähe von Kimberley
3. Eastern Cape - in der Nähe von Fort Beaufort
4. Kwa-Zulu Natal - in der Nähe von Pongola
5. Free State - Flugwildjagd, in der Nähe von Kroonstad & Odendaalrus
6. Limpopo - in der Nähe von Northam
7. Limpopo - in der Nähe von Hoedspruit
8. Western Cape - in der Nähe von o Saldanha
9. Mpumalanga - in der Nähe von Piet Retief

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